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Sydney Rock Oyster

The most popular being the Sydney rock oyster which is grown along the eastern seaboard in the temperate estuary waters from Victoria to Queensland. The Sydney rock oyster has a rich and creamy nature and are medium sized compared to other varieties and can be easily identified by the shell shape. Sydney rock oysters take about 4 years to grow to market size and are low in cholesterol and high in omega-3, calcium, iron and zinc.

Safe Shopping Guaranteed

Safe Shopping

Storage Of Oysters


Oysters do have a good shelf life when kept whole, of up to 14 days providing they are kept at the correct temperature (10 to 15 degrees Celsius; 32 to 41 °F) and handled safely.


From the day of opening Oysters. Store in Refrigerator at 4 degrees Celsius and consume within 7 days.

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